Upcoming Exhibitions


Exhibition by

Debbie Bonello

21st May - 15th June 2021

@ il-Kamra ta' Fuq

The exhibition features anonymous crowds, lonesome individuals sharing a common space.  

The viewer is invited to ponder on these universal forms and settings in total freedom of interpretation while experiencing a fraction of solace for missed social gatherings.


Exhibition by

Clint Scerri Harkins

18th June - 13th July 2021

@ il-Kamra ta' Fuq 

HER is an exhibition by Clint Scerri Harkins who is inviting us to glimpse into these intimate moments - some are studio playful instants captured with great artistry, while others are experimental camera manipulations and others are captured unbeknownst to the model.  

Past Exhibitions


Exhibition by Pawlu Mizzi

27th April - 18th May 2021 

@ il-Kamra ta' Fuq  

Wiċċ imb Wiċċ is the outcome of the online project titled 'The (Facebook) Portrait Project II’ and features a number of 'collective portraits' as a positive metaphor towards the complete fading out of the distancing caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic.  


Exhibition by Mark Mallia

19th February - 16th March 2021 @ il-Kamra ta' Fuq & ONLINE 

GOLGOTHA is an exhibition reflecting on and re-interpreting the religious aspect from the perspective and context of living during a pandemic. Mallia is inspired by the pain and the sacrifices that we all have to endure during this unprecedented situation.