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We, at Art Sweven, wish to share our passion and vision for the arts by promoting accessibility to contemporary art and culture for artists, art collectors, the community and wider audiences.


We represent and promote both established and emerging artists through a fine selection of their outstanding art. Every chosen artwork is carefully curated by the Team to ensure a consistent level of high quality. We take pride in nurturing individual collector-artist relationships through our brand as we assist artists in their quest to achieve the desired recognition in the art world.  Concurrently, we specialise in commission-guidance for patrons and collectors with specific visions and tastes.


Art Sweven has also teamed up with ‘Il-Kamra ta' Fuq’ at New Life Bar, Mqabba where we have established a welcoming gallery for the exploration and enjoyment of contemporary art right in the heart of the community.  Monthly exhibitions are held at this venue curated by our Team. The gallery welcomes contemporary visual art in all media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and installation. Submissions for specially programmed exhibitions are received on an ongoing basis. We complement this physical space by also providing online-gallery services.


We remain available to provide freelance curatorial and all other supporting services for private collectors, gallery spaces, pop-up exhibitions, artists, businesses and organisations. 

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