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Fabio Borg is introducing a new collection of artworks, marking a significant evolution in his prolific artistic journey. Venturing into a fresh medium and composition, Borg is approaching abstract expressionism, signaling a departure from his well-known landscapes and treescapes. While remnants of these landscapes linger like spectral echoes, Borg's focus has shifted inward. The artist's inner mood now takes precedence, crafting abstractions of past landscapes. Instead of drawing inspiration from tangible landscapes and photographs, Borg relies solely on his inner vision. The result is a series of works conveying inherent moods and emotions, characterized by intense, unrealistic colors and bold lines. This creates a compelling equilibrium between vibrant hues, bold and assertive lines, and the subtle voids within the artwork.


These artworks came to life in just a few months, inspired by an invitation to showcase this solo exhibition. The artist views this body of work as specifically created for this exhibition, choosing to maintain a raw and 'alla prima' feel. This decision arose almost instinctively, influenced by experimentation with additional media alongside his signature acrylics. Executed primarily on paper, these works utilize acrylic, oil pastel, and pencil. This condensed period of creation unifies the collection, presenting a singular feeling and a breath of innovativeness that ties them all together.

mood scapes Fb cover v2.png
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