Exhibition Artworks



A collective exhibition

23rd September till 17th October 2022

At il-Kamra ta’ Fuq, Mqabba


Participating artists:  Ebru Çinar, Stefan Spiteri, Bernice Vassallo


The exhibition features three artists who experiment a lot in the use of thread in their oeuvre.  Apart from this medium, they are also bound by the thematic of nature and organic forms which are almost always present in their works.


Thread has a dual meaning here.  It is the main medium in a number of these works which helps in bringing out the organic made up sometimes of figurative leaves and at other times, it is representing a series of paths creating subconscious or conscious fragmented labyrinths, all creating a harmonious tangible and intangible, real but surreal spaces.


Ebru Çinar’s works show complex figurative compositions where thanks to the medium of thread she’s creating a certain flatness in perspective and an uneasy yet alluring lack of spatiality, which makes the narrative more intriguing and dreamlike.


Bernice Vassallo’s works on the other hand are very abstract in nature and show mastery of the art of sewing in various experimentations with this material.  The compositions almost cerebral veins or paths which are intertwining and captivating as much as a labyrinth of delicate yet powerful cobwebs.


Stefan Spiteri is exhibiting a series of works titled Lost Trail.  His works although not employing the thread as the actual medium, are in themselves creating the bond between the works of the other two artists, where the organic highlighted in the use of leaves and the fascination for the linear executed in oils are in themselves creating a beautiful dialogue between all the works.  Spiteri perceives these works as fragments of a complex network of passages with no exact route.  



The exhibition is curated by Art Sweven.

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