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To be ‘lost in the ether’, is to say that one is engrossed in a communication or visual that has no fixture in space or time; it has no precise location or context. Through her collection ‘Lost in the Ether’, which constitutes her first solo exhibition, Nicole Sciberras Debono brings forward esoteric narratives of a domestic familiarity, with notes on online and para-social relationships, and the reflections of a young woman in a contemporary society.


Debono’s debut collection captures intimate and abstruse moments, belonging to either herself or her peers with whom she communicates with through various channels online. She interprets and translates these moments into isolated visual anecdotes through choice in subject matter, narrative, shape, texture, and colour.


In a few words, Debono gravitates towards this concept as she often wonders about the differences between online relationships and ‘real life’ personal relationships. She looks for an answer to the difference between the two. She sheds light on matters which preoccupy her thoughts, namely loneliness and solitude (they are not one and the same) in the ‘social’ age, understanding virtual relationships as well as the digital curation of the self. She captures a physical presence in all of her pieces, even where such form is outside of the frame.

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