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Xulliela is the Maltese word that describes that one side of the stone which is left 'unworked' and raw, as this will be the side facing the inner part of the wall.

The title resonates with Farrugia's works, as 80% of his works are executed from recycled stones - stones where he envisions something captured in them. He considers old stones to be the best as being the whitest and the hardest. And further to this, the colour white, 'bajda' is referring to his experimentation in achieving and preserving the whiteness and true colour of the stone.

In this exhibition, Farrugia is exploring a new technique in applying patina onto his forms. Following years of experimentation, and the application of tempera colour on stone, finally he managed to find a way to achieve and keep the pristine natural stone colour on his sculptures without any deterioration when applying wax and polish.

The forms presented here are very typical of Farrugia - abstract, polished, sensual, and all portraying a spellbinding muted torque, a still moment in a specific time.

Xulliela - fb COVER.png


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