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Ruben Formosa (b. 1971) is a Maltese artist hailing from Sliema. He is an interior designer by profession. He has been delving into the world of art since a young age when he started his career as an apprentice with late marble sculptor Ronald Pisani, where he trained in the classical tradition. After a 5 year period, he went on to work with a carpenter to master the carpentry trade. In his mid-20s he joined AP, one of the leading architectural firms on the Island. After more than 15 years he decided to set up his own design studio.

His primary interest is mainly in sculpture which he explores in various media. His works range from marble, wood, stone, clay, and more recently he started working in ceramics.

His style varies from figurative and polished to abstract and raw finish. His main inspiration comes from nature, movement, and the play of light and shadow. Over the years he collaborated with various artists including Pawl Carbonaro, George Scicluna, and Paul Haber.

His expertise in interior design is a crucial skill that he employs in the creation of complex installations that are both reaction and thought-provoking. The proficiency in perceiving the functionality of things amalgamated with the aesthetical appeal enables Formosa to create intriguing and immersive concepts for his installations.

His studio and workshop are based in the quaint town of Siggiewi. His works can be found in private collections in Malta and abroad. He has participated in various collective exhibitions and he is currently preparing for his first solo exhibition.

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