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Nicole Sciberras Debono (b. 1996) is a Maltese contemporary artist working in paint and digital print, whose work primarily focuses on portraits and figurative narratives. Her art normally showcases matters of her interest at the time, including people in her life, her surroundings, or any other signs of the times.


Debono works from life and is fascinated by people and everyday objects, and the atmosphere their presence or absence can create. Her paintings however are not about depicting a figure or object in space and time. Her work tries to evoke the atmosphere she is experiencing and picking up from the subject. She depicts and evokes her connection with the subject and wants to visually portray how she sees it to her viewers.


Her work is bold and expressive - she strives to make the creative process of painting visible in all of her works as she believes that the process of making art is more telling and important than the result.

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