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Judith & Weinstein by Darren Tanti

Judith & Weinstein by Darren Tanti


Ref: AI10008AS




91cm x 129cm

Oil on Canvas



This work is part of the collective exhibition ART INTERRUPTED, held at il-Kamra ta' Fuq from the 19th of March to the 17th of April 2022.   


Judith and Weinstein - This artwork was originally meant to be exhibited in Tanti' first exhibition 'Omen' in 2009. At the time the artist decided not to show the painting and to continue to develop it later on. As time went by, the artist got used to the 'non-finished' artwork as it is and grew fond of its aesthetic... the only thing that was still unresolved was the empty space reserved for the 'trophy' head Judith was meant to mock and display. More than once the artist was tempted to draw a generic male head but somehow, he always stepped back and waited for the right subject. With the unravelling of the Harvey Weinstein Hollywood scandal and the rise of the #metoo movement it became very clear whose head was meant to be depicted on Judith's trophy. This year, the artwork was finally 'finalised'. This finalisation happens on a conceptual level, as the painting itself is still frozen in an in-development aesthetic.

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