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Ref: DT10007AS

Price On Request




220cm x 160cm 

Pencil and Oil on Canvas



Incandescent / Study and interpretation of ‘The
Resurrection’ by Carl Henrich Bloch


In this artwork the artist focused on a detail about the narrative of the Resurrection that is more than often neglected, that is, heat. In tradition artworks depicting the scene, the light used is frequently soft white glow but, in this artwork, things are interpreted differently. No one really knows what rising from the dead would
physically entail, but one plausible criterion would be immense amounts of energy – whatever that might mean. 

Many times, God has been compared to the sun, emitting  nimaginable light and energy and it feels more than natural for the artist to imagine the whole scene as if bursting with the radiating, incandescent energy of a newborn sun. Thus, the artwork by Bloch, was reinterpreted in such a way that it reflects the instant moment,
just prior to the burst, in which the temperatures would be bursting up to incredible heights. 

Apart from the colour another detail is important – around the  edges one would find Rorschach Inkblots effects. These effects are nothing else than the result of the mirrored effect of the same  artwork looking onto itself out of the visual field into eternity. The relationship between Resurrection and eternity are quite obvious
for the Christian believer. But apart from that, the ‘inkblots’ may also serve Rorschach’s original intent, and let the viewer discover what does his conscious/subconscious have to say.



Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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