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Ref: DT10009AS

Price On Request




220cm x 160cm 

Pencil and Oil on Canvas



Corruption of the Flesh / Study and interpretation of ‘The
Romans in their Decadence’ by Thomas Couture.


This artwork is a reinterpretation of Couture’s masterpiece about the vices attributed with Roman times. The painting balances out with the other large artworks as it accounts for the darker sides associated with red. The subject matter stands for the decadence of humans on both a moral and physical level. It contrasts with the purity and divinity of the Flagellation and the Resurrection while
it links to the Birth of Venus and the Apotheosis (as part of the continuum from the earthy and mortal to the aspired eternal). Human life is a mixture of beauty and pain and since the project is about the experience of both, this artwork aims to harmonise by serving as a counterweight. 


Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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