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Ref: DT10010AS

Price On Request




200cm x 160cm 

Pencil and Oil on Canvas



Apotheosis / Study and interpretation of ‘The Apotheosis of
Saint Roch’ by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.


The faith of every devout Catholic is that after earthly life there
is an eternity of love and joy. The grandfather of the artist was
a devout Catholic and an exemplary family man. Together with
his wife, Ċensina, he constantly put family and loved ones first.
He lived in a very humble and modest way always ensured to
provide the best for the family.

He took pride in the fact that through hard work at the Tarzna
and sacrifice he and his wife managed to do whatever they
aspired to. This being said, materiality was never the goal; for
him and his wife, love in the family was the true objective. This
artwork is symbolic of the artist’s belief that after his earthly life,
his grandfather was graced into eternity and the hope that one
day everyone will be reunited once more.


Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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