Beauty Reimagined

Withering flowers, wilted, wrinkled and rapidly fading from existence. ‘Out Of Now’ is a metaphor on permanence and impermanence. It represents creation/extinction, earthly/divine, reflection/termination. The artist interrupts the ‘Now’, reinterprets the future and reconfigures impermanence.


Having dazzled with their beauty at their peak, ‘Out of Now’ may be viewed as a reversal of the flower’s role wherein the flower becomes the pollinator instead of the pollinated, impregnating the photographer’s psyche with their current aesthetic. Consequently, these expiring blooms drifting at the edge of uncertainty are reimagined and cast onto another dimension for future retrospection.


The concept and works were born during the covid lockdown. One can feel an analogy between the times of uncertainty and the ‘end’ of our social lives with the death of these flowers, where we were all constrained to live in an OUT OF NOW moment. Through the injection of bright colours, the artist envisions a new future normal, symbolizing an emerging spirit of hope, renewal and new beginnings.

out of now fb cover (2).png