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Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq (the room upstairs) is a new art gallery situated on the first floor of the iconic 'New Life Bar', one of the very few surviving traditional tea rooms ('ħanut tat-te') located right in the heart of the quaint village of Mqabba next to the Parish Church.

The ‘New Life Bar’ is today run by renowned sculptor Antoine Farrugia who took over the bar from his father, the late Gaetano Farrugia, known to everyone in the village as Gajtan. Gajtan ran the place successfully for 50 years, serving the typical ‘te fit-tazza’ along with his legendary ‘ftira’ - a ring-shaped semi-flat Maltese bread filled with fresh mouth-watering local delights. 

It was Antoine’s involvement in the arts that led him to transform the room upstairs into an exhibition space, teaming up with Art Sweven led by Melanie Erixon. Melanie organises the monthly art exhibitions by different artists and also deals with the curatorial and administrative aspects of the same gallery.


New Life Bar is today a meeting place for a growing community of artists and art-lovers, along with Gajtan’s regulars. Delicious food, nibbles and quality drinks continue to be served to complement the promotion of traditional culture and high-level art.


An amazing experience awaits you as soon as you walk through the little old door. 

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 6am - noon

Sundays: 7am - noon

Evenings: Event nights & special bookings

(Follow schedule on Facebook: il-Kamrta ta' Fuq)

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