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by Roderick Camilleri

15th June - 11th July 2022

@ il-Kamra ta' Fuq 

This body of works portrays Camilleri's artistic research linked to materiality and experimental processes. In this collection, the artist externalises a meditative, and at times, playful approach, revealing his interest in the material and spiritual imprint as well as the importance of the natural environment.

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by Sarah Calleja

15th July - 15th August 2022

@ il-Kamra ta' Fuq 

In these works, Sarah Calleja attempts to capture the aura of the Gand Harbour area.  She chose to work with a restricted palette with some works using only one colour and others using five colours.  Painting only the essence, eliminating most detail, in a mass of colour a sliver of light, often using wisely the white paper.




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"Art has always been the raft on to which we climb to save our sanity."

Dorothea Tanning


il-Kamra ta' Fuq @ New Life Bar,

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