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Ebru Çinar

The Byebrucinar brand was created in 2016 by Ebru Çınar Erdoğan. Inspired by the problems of the modern era, the reflections of the artist’s inner world are presented on framed fabrics. The works of Çınar’s labour include embroidery, embroidery on paper, textile printing, acrylic paint, etc. She represents on fabrics and canvases with blends.

Çınar was born in Turkey in 1988 and now she reflects us what her mother taught her in its modern form. She lived in Poland for 2 years, this has affected her perception and her work a lot and she is presenting this to us in Malta. In her works, she tries to keep the traditional aspects of life and the so-called clichés of the modern world alive.

Stefan Spiteri

Stefan Spiteri Portrait.jpg

Stefan Spiteri (b.1998) is a Maltese artist who works mainly with painting, drawing and collage. His creative process addresses space, memory and time, exploring these themes through a continuous layering of meaning, material and gesture.

Spiteri graduated with a bachelor’s degree with Honours in Fine Art from MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in 2019. In 2018, he participated in a three-week artist’s residency in Piedmont, Italy as one of the selected artists for the Amuse project.

Spiteri's debut solo show entitled ‘On The Nature Of Painting’ was held at Valletta Contemporary Malta in 2021. Previous collective shows include Points of Transition (Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Malta), 2021; Human Man-Made Traces (Malta Society of Arts, Malta), 2019; Distinct (Spazju Kreattiv, Malta) 2019; Shifting Contexts (Spazju Kreattiv, Malta), 2018. He currently lives and works in Malta.

Bernice Vassallo_edited.jpg

Bernice Vassallo

Bernice Vassallo’s work is quite abstract, playing with organic forms created through shape and colour. Her passion for textiles has influenced most of the work she produced; using both synthetic and found materials to imitate reality by manipulating fabric and transform it into organic forms which allows her to focus on textures, colours and composition.

There’s a transformation in her work, where the primary source is taken out from its natural habitat, to be deconstructed and depicted differently through other media. Her work depicts different stances of a particular natural life; highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of life and how they intertwine together.

Bernice explores the experimentation of thread line drawing; where the actual line on paper is being replaced by the thread work on fabric. Experimenting with textiles and thread is stimulating, as it enables the artist to explore different handling and manipulation techniques. In contrast, she also likes to experiment with pen and ink, giving her more control of what the final result looks like. She uses her weekly walks to get inspired, to take photos of her surroundings and to create these pieces representing different subjects and textures.

Her current work explores nature and everything that surrounds her everyday life. This work explores landscapes; the relationship between the natural and the built environment; the natural degradation of land, the over development that the island is experiencing and the coping mechanisms that nature tends to adopt to survive.

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