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Roderick Camilleri is a practising artist, curator and art educator. He studied Philosophy, Art and Art History at the University of Malta, and holds a B.A. (2010) and an M.A. (2015). He attended various professional development programmes, furthering his studies at international institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts (London) and Slade University (London). He also developed a versatile, interdisciplinary approach, exploring various artistic methodologies at different professional studios in Edinburgh, Rome, Venice, and Marrakesh, amongst others.


Camilleri’s interdisciplinary visual art practice explores themes related to ontology, metaphysics and materiality. He works as a full-time art educator, teaching studio practice and theory at the Malta School of Art in Valletta and is currently the Vice-President of the Malta Society of Arts.


The list of exhibitions where Camilleri took part is a very extensive one which includes solo exhibitions and numerous collective exhibitions held both locally and abroad.

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