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Johanna Barthet is a Maltese artist working mainly in painting. Known for her figurative work, contemporary portraits and unique mode of expression, Barthet has a passion for the human form and capturing the emotional side of the characters in her paintings.


Barthet studied art from a very young age and attended various courses in Malta, but she is mainly self-taught. Drawing inspiration from fashion editorials and social media platforms, she reinterprets the subjects in her own manner and simultaneously creates a distinctive mood in each one of her works. Barthet’s style has been likened to the movements of the early 20th century and she is considered as one of Malta’s most fascinating artists of contemporary portraiture.



Barthet has participated in numerous collective exhibitions. The Little Room Upstairs is her third solo exhibition. In 2019, her exhibition Stories Untold, was her first exhibition, where female portraits and their untold stories were the focus. In 2021, Barthet exhibited a number of landscape paintings, in her exhibition titled Dreamscapes, held at DESKO, Valletta.

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