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Jo Dounis is a Maltese-born acrylic and mixed media artist who left the island as a young adult to live and work in Greece and Italy, returning to her homeland, eighteen years later. The daughter of an architect, she was born into a world of creativity and from a very young age has been passionate about colour and design. A student of both art and interior design, an industry in which she has worked for over twenty years, Jo has a foot in both worlds and has always had the belief that these two worlds can mesh together to create something special and meaningful in one's environment.

Jo’s art style ranges from fluid, where she manipulates diluted paint to create organic and flowing designs, to highly textured paintings where she creates a tactile experience for the viewer, to 3-dimensional sculptures where she breathes new life into materials destined to be disposed of, sometimes using crystals, minerals and other elements to enhance the beauty which she sees in her mind’s eye. She is known for her versatility and originality, striving to be different from the norm.

An optimist and somewhat of a dreamer, Jo’s deep desire is to connect with viewers of her art on a deeply emotional level and inspire positive feelings of peace, calm and tranquility in an otherwise turbulent world.

She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions throughout the years as well as having three solo exhibitions, with Revixit being the fourth. Her art can be found in private collections in Malta as well as in North America, Australia, the Middle East and several countries in Europe.

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