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Henry Falzon started his artistic journey in the early 90s with Black & White photography while in his late teens. Shooting film was Henry’s way of exploring and projecting the way he perceives life and the things around him. His preoccupation has been centered around capturing moments and presenting them in a way to make some form of statement or impression. Often, angles of familiar views are presented in unusual ways, a recurring challenge for Henry.

Being entirely self-thought and starting from rather unorthodox paths to art, gives Henry a generous degree of mental freedom and uninhibited approaches. His art has no rules or conventions, only enthusiasm to create art as a vehicle to get his story across. Henry’s use of colour and composition is intense and is taken to almost religious obsession. The foundations of photography remain to this day the cornerstone of Henry’s work, but only as a departure point. Probably this is due to Henry’s insatisfaction that photography is often too close to life and Henry needs to push his voice beyond the very real, more into a sprinkle of dream-like quality.

The curiosity towards life is the engine that drives Henry. Every passing year throws new experiences in life and makes life, in Henry’s view, impossible to be left unexplored and unmanifested. This necessity fuels more exploration and new ways of expression.


Henry's subject matter keeps evolving. For many years landscapes dominated all aspects of work, but gradually a sprinkle of figures started populating his canvases. As his art gets 'deeper', figures are certain to take it there… and here we are.

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