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Anabel Cordina

Anabel Cordina (b.1980) studied Art Education at the University of Malta (2002), as well as artistic printmaking at the Malta School of Art (2008). She furthered her studies at the University of West Scotland where she received her master’s degree as Artist Teacher (2015). Cordina attended fine art workshops in Malta, Austria and Germany, and was an artist in residence at the Frans Masareel Centre for graphic arts in Belgium (2009). Cordina is a visiting lecturer at the Department of Visual Arts, Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta and has exhibited in both local and international art exhibitions.


Drawing inspiration from organic structures, Cordina works predominantly in the printmaking medium, exploring the woodcut’s graphical nature as well as its chromatic dialogues. The meditative,  laborious process of the woodcut leads her to  be guided by intuition, the artist’s vision entering into a dialogue with the characteristics of the medium itself, developing into a working symbiotic relationship.



List of exhibitions

  • ‘iMprint 5’ – Intaglio Print Biennal 2021, Valletta,2021

  • ‘Biennale di Grafica Contemporanea "Continuità", Perugia, Italia, 2020/1

  • ‘20x20 Art on Paper exhibition', Christine X Art Gallery, Sliema, 2020

  • ‘The Politics of Texture’, Iniala Gallery, Valletta, 2017

  • 'UWS Artist Teacher Final year exhibition', Glasgow Museum of Modern Art, Glasgow, 2015

  • 'I draw', BOV Headquarters , St Venera, 2012

  • ‘Eight Eighteen’ MCA- Malta Contemporary Art, Marsa, 2008

  • OUTOFPRINT’, Ministry for Tourism and Culture, Valletta, 2007.

  • 'Expanded Drawing II', Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, 2007

  •  Dentro Me’ Primopiano LivingArt Gallery, Lecce Italy, 2006

  •  'Expanded Drawing I', Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg, 2005

  • 'XII Biennale for young artists', Naples, 2005.

  •  'F’kull Belt Hemm Kantuniera', St James Cavalier, Valletta, 2003

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