HER is an exhibition by Clint Scerri Harkins who is inviting us to glimpse into these intimate moments - some are studio playful instants captured with great artistry, while others are experimental camera manipulations and - yes - others are captured unbeknownst to the model.  

Following his first solo exhibition Satya, curated by Simon Sultana Harkins, where Scerri Harkins took the viewer through a journey of truth, featuring his subjects during their most personal intimate moments of nudity, in HER, the artist is delving a step further into the deep burrow of intimacy, by portraying his own partner and thus an integral part of his daily life.  All images are extremely minimalist in composition and void of any props, yet so captivating and copious with reflections.  It is all about HER.

The works are a mix of digital and analog photography.