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Peter Seychell (b. 1967), although qualified as a draughtsman by profession, Peter's career has been mostly pharma related setting up and managing various companies involved in pharmaceutical importation, distribution as well as manufacture. He exhibited a strong artistic inclination from a young age. However, for more than 35 yeas he harbored these inclinations towards art and the art scene choosing instead to fully focus all his energies on his business.


It wasn't until around five years ago that he shifted his focus. After many years of endless hours at work, Peter decided to take a step back and focus much of his energies on his art.


Seychell's artistic style is best described as eclectic. For him, art knows no rules, fixed styles, or limits. It serves as a realm where he can express himself freely, without constraints or inhibitions. Engaging in multiple artworks simultaneously and in different styles, Seychell is particularly drawn to the alluring medium of ink. His signature works involve intricate drawings, where he invests hours to achieve detailed precision. In his later works, he embraces a freer style, predominantly executed in ink, depicting scenes enveloped in mystery.


Seychell has participated in various collective exhibitions and his debut solo exhibition, titled Baħħ was held in 2023.

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