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Ref: RA10007AS



28cm x 17.5cm (image)

42cmx 31cm (framed)

Mixed Media




This body of work is inspired by local indigenous plants and other tropical species which are found on the island of Comoros; an island that the artist visited a few years ago. All the pieces are named after women who the artist met while visiting the island. The artist uses innovative elements and practices through contemporary botanical drawings, which creates a dialogue between the past, present and future. Her method involves traditional as well as digital processes. She uses a system where pencil drawings are transferred digitally onto several transparent layers and later merged as one artwork. This method enables her to communicate the physical and spiritual physiology of the chosen plants in an individual approach. The resulting images are imbued with sensual and feminine qualities which in turn are also a reflection of Ruth’s own identity, both as an artist as well as an individual. This production method makes it possible for every piece to be one of a kind.


Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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