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Ref: DT10006AS




30cm x 30cm (framed)

Aquarelle and Paint on Paper




‘Sitio’ is the Latin word for ‘thirst’. This word has a special meaning for the artist. In his childhood the artist used to take part in the Good Friday procession. Around February, his grandfather would take him to church to reserve his place in Cospicua’s procession. The very young children are usually assigned a ‘parċmina’ or one of the seven banners displayed right after the statue of the Crucifixion, referred to as ‘Is-Seba’ Kelmiet’.

The artist remembers fondly his grandfather placing himself next to the banner with the writing ‘Sitio’ so that once the banners are called out, he would give it to the young Darren. Jokingly he would say to the Darren ‘Always choose the Sitio banner, as it is the  ightest.’ This is because it is only one word and there is much less gold embroidery in it then any of the other six phrases such as ‘Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani’. This episode is represented by red roses as
they symbolise love and are often put in front of the Crucifix in Lent. Roses are also reminders that without watering life easily dwindles away.



Artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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