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by Roderick Camilleri

15th June till 11th July 2022

at il-Kamra ta' Fuq


This body of works constitutes one of the facets which characterises Camilleri’s artistic oeuvre, complementing his interdisciplinary approach and artistic research linked to materiality and experimental processes. In this collection, the artist externalises a meditative, and at times, playful approach, revealing his interest in the material and spiritual imprint as well as the importance of the natural environment.

Through visual tropes of natural lifeforms and organic compositions, these works reveal ethereal topias or habitats where nature prevails. These artistic expressions revolve around a desire for a better place, and/or an artistic rendering of alternative places where the natural environment is given its due role and value. They are informed by the artist’s concern for ecological transformation and sustainability.

The graphic and chromatic elements reverberating through these works present a particular tableaus-like imageries, envisioning imaginative biospheres through vigorous etchings, paintings and experimental processes of image-making and print-making techniques; disclosing subconscious reflections, materialised and externalised through effervescent lines, shades and colour. Sinuous contours and chromatic shapes mould shapes to form newfound spaces, recreating atmospheres and unfamiliar terrains. These works uncover the artist’s mental images linked to his relentless concern in drawing attention to socio-ecological messages, recreating modes of expression that foster a better awareness of ecological balance, promoting empathy, reflection and better connectivity between human and non-human communities of life.

Ecotopias - Cover Photo FINAL Compressed


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