Debbie Bonello rediscovered her love for painting which was always present growing up. It has now become a daily habit as she locks various themes and subjects on canvas, using oils.  

Bonello’s works are described as loose and spontaneous. She uses bold brushwork along colour, textures and light to contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere but leaves room for interpretations for viewers to extract their own meaning using their personal experience.

She is constantly on a hunt for different compositions wherever she is and combines them with local workshops that she attends regularly including En plein air sessions to extend her studio outdoors.

As an artist Bonello observes mainly land and seascapes through moods, preserving them on canvas to express what, to her, is evocative of that particular place and time. It relates to the importance of making permanent these otherwise volatile emotions. She observes her environment closely to pick specific scenery that conveys abstract feelings. Her work is sensitive to composition, line, texture, colour and boldness of brushstroke, which come together to project the energy that she reflects and tries to capture on canvas.


An art tutor by profession, she couples her academic background with daily practice, which is vital to achieving meaningful results. She has many interests and due to her curiosity, she spreads her work into various fields.

Currently working in oils, she finds other media suited for specific moods. Invariably her work is executed quickly, accurately and confidently to capture as much of the energy as possible.

Most of her landscapes contain no life form, facilitating interpretation and further absorption of the painting’s mood. Form, tone, colour, line, texture, composition and subject all come together to help her achieve the final result. In the rare occasions where the human form is present, it invites the viewer to delve deeper into the human experience whether it is solitude, pain, despair or happiness.

Bonello’s paintings are visual voices of personal experiences, happy or otherwise but nonetheless worthy of translation onto canvas.

Her works are found in private collections in Malta, Sicily, Canada, England and The Netherlands.


​Solo exhibitions:

Women’s Dialogue

Chinese Cultural Centre, Valletta, 2019 (with Feng Xiwen) – April 2019


Palazzo Depiro, December 2017 – January 2018

Collective Exhibitions:

Camilleriparismode, Rabat, Malta – ONGOING

Rebekah's, Mellieha - ONGOING

ChristineX Art Gallery, Tigne - ONGOING


Hax Xluq Collective, Hax Xluq Chapel, Siggiewi, December 2019


Hansa Collective, Hansa, St Paul's Bay, December 2019


Feminae, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Valletta, November 2019


Longing and Belonging, Malta Enterprise, Pieta', November 2019


A Morning at Villa Frere, Gallery 23, Balzan, July 2019


Karl Vella Foundation, The Business Centre, Tigne, Malta, May 2019


Inspired in China, Malta Conference Centre, Valletta, July 2019


Inspired in China, Skyparks, Gudja, May 2019


Inspired in China, Cavalieri Art Hotel, St Julians,  April 2019 


Inspired in China, Ministry for Gozo,  February 2019


Inspired in China, Parliament House, Valletta,  January 2019


Dar tal-Providenza, Siggiewi, December 2018


InarteFabriano Collective, Fabriano Italy, May 2018


Fine Art Auction Collective, Malta Community Chest fund, December 2018


Palazzo Ferreria Valletta, October 2018


Casino Notabile Rabat, 2018


Balzan Parish Church, 2018


See She Seas, Malta Maritime Museum, Birgu, May 2018


Art Club 2000, Collective Art Exhibition


Casino Notabile, Rabat, May 2018


Exhibition in aid of Puttinu Cares


La Vittoria Band Club, Mellieha, March 2018


Dar tal-Providenza, Siggiewi, 2017


Hax-Xluq Chapel, Siggiewi, December 2017


Fine Arts Auction in aid of The Community Chest Fund, Valletta, November 2017


Maltese – Serbian Art Collective


Cavalieri Art Hotel St Julians 2017


Art Lokali, Siggiewi Local Council 2016


Out of Print, Tourism and Culture Valletta 2007


Art Club 2000, Mellieha Feast exhibition 2001


Polarities, University of Malta 2000


Talent Zaghzugh, Parish Centre Hall Mellieha 1997