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Born in Canada in 1980, Joyce Camilleri lived most of her childhood and adult life in her parents’ country of origin, Malta.


Camilleri graduated as an art teacher in 2002, after which she felt the need to further her studies in the field of fine art. She thus pursued an artistic printmaking diploma at the Malta School of Art, whilst seeking further simultaneous training in Berlin and Salzburg. Camilleri completed her master’s degree as Artist Teacher at the University of West of Scotland in 2017.


Camilleri currently fills the post of full-time artist-teacher at the Malta School of Art, whilst constantly developing a personal visual language that attempts to explore drawing and printmaking as distinct, nonetheless symbiotic art practices. Her studio practice allows Camilleri to push the boundaries of essentially graphical elements via drawing, printmaking, collage and mixed media practices, thus bringing about both figurative and quasi-abstract visual metaphors that meander along the fine line that divides yet unites the real and the surreal.


Alongside, such artistic research enables Camilleri to explore the poetic space of contemporary art forms, whilst constantly nourishing and revisiting an artistic process that is allowed to prevail over the subject matter. Artistic intent and process-led practices retain interchangeable roles throughout Camilleri’s approach to art theory and practice.


2021, Artist Residency, MUZA - Malta National Community Art Museum, Valletta, Malta

2021, International Miniprint Exchange and Exhibition, Qu Bi Gallery, Vicenza, Italy

2021, Nude Affiliation and Portraiture, Pepney Gallery, Cavan, Ireland


2021, Close But Far, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Florence, Italy


2020, Featured artist, Paperworks Gallery, Sliema, Malta


2020, The Many Faces of the Mill Exhibition, Gabriel Caruana Foundation, B’Kara, Malta


2020, Reconstruct Art Show, prideART Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2020, 20x20 Paperworks Exhibition, Christine X Gallery, Sliema, Malta.


2019, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg.


2007, Out-of-Print, Auberge d’Italie, Valletta.


2007, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg.


2005, Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg.


2021, Featured artist, Boomer Magazine (Issue No. 1), Boomer Gallery, London, UK

2021, Featured artist, The Huts Magazine (Issue No. 2), Turkey


2020, Featured artist, BlueBee Magazine (5th Volume- Hyacinth), London, UK


2018-19, Erasmus+ project, Interdisciplinary Learning Through Visual Art and Music, Valencia, Spain


2014, Endeavour Scholarship, Malta.


2007, Summer Academy Scholarship, Salzburg.

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