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Shania Camenzuli

Shania Camenzuli is a multimedia artist based in Malta who specialises in digital arts and graphic design. Even though her artistic focus is on drawing, illustration and photography, she seeks to integrate them with traditional art forms to express her personal perspectives and reflections in a more innovative way.

Through visual narratives, Shania tends to reflect on current environmental and social matters pertaining to both the local and international contexts. Even though most of her work is imbued with symbolism, surreal thoughts and fictitious aesthetics, it remains foregrounded within the immediate world to remain truthful.

Shania is constantly seeking alternative ways to extend her artistic vision and she even had the opportunity to participate in other collective exhibitions.

Andrew Inguanez


Andrew Inguanez is a Malta-based multimedia artist who specialises in analogue collage-making. In his artistic practice, Andrew often seeks to combine traditional and digital processes, techniques and tools, in an effort to create connections that lead to innovative bodies of work. As an artist, he draws inspiration from a multitude of art forms, such as visual art, fashion, poetry/music, and photography. His biggest source of inspiration, however, remains the natural world. In fact, as of late, he has been focusing on documenting local wildflowers through photography and interpreting these flowering plants through painting, book-binding and collage.

His most recent body of work, entitled ‘Honesty with Wilder Gaze’, is an artistic investigation focused on self-discovery, self-expression and self-liberation - liberation from heteronormative and patriarchal expectations and ideals related to gender, identity and sexuality. As an aspiring art educator, Andrew is profoundly interested in investigating social issues related to homophobia, racism, colonialism and misogyny through critical art pedagogical approaches. In the past, Andrew has participated in local collective exhibitions as well as musical theatre productions as a make-up artist.


Daniel Mifsud

Daniel Mifsud is an emerging artist who seeks to incite internal dialogue and introspection with his work, often through grotesque imagery, abstract forms, and symbolic elements. His work is fuelled by the human psyche, as he taps into the depths of the subconscious through spontaneous drawing techniques and experimental processes.

By embracing the immediacy of mediums like charcoal and pastels, Mifsud is able to harness uninhibited gestures and marks, letting the material guide his hand. Through these expressive marks and gestures, he attempts to capture fleeting thoughts and emotions that arise while in the process of drawing. Using drawing as an introspective research method allows the work to retain the raw, authentic quality that immerses viewers in a visceral exploration of the human experience, inviting one to connect with their own innate thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Mifsud does not seek to influence the viewer with titles or specific descriptions, as he prefers to let the viewer come to their own understandings and conclusions, finding delight in listening to the different interpretations and narratives that emerge from interactions with his work.

Stefan Spiteri

Stefan Spiteri Portrait.jpg

Stefan Spiteri (b.1998) is a Maltese artist who works mainly with painting, drawing and collage. His creative process addresses space, memory and time, exploring these themes through a continuous layering of meaning, material and gesture.

Spiteri graduated with a bachelor’s degree with Honours in Fine Art from MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in 2019. In 2018, he participated in a three-week artist’s residency in Piedmont, Italy as one of the selected artists for the Amuse project.

Spiteri's debut solo show entitled ‘On The Nature Of Painting’ was held at Valletta Contemporary Malta in 2021. Previous collective shows include Points of Transition (Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Malta), 2021; Human Man-Made Traces (Malta Society of Arts, Malta), 2019; Distinct (Spazju Kreattiv, Malta) 2019; Shifting Contexts (Spazju Kreattiv, Malta), 2018. He currently lives and works in Malta.

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