Alfie Gatt was born in 1985 in the small and sunny island of Malta. His drive and passion for his love of art started in his early childhood years. He pursued his studies and was successfully awarded a degree from the Institute of Art & Design, in Malta in 2005. Out of college, he was still finding his own path since art was no easy means to bring food to the table. So he strived hard to add another creative related skill, by teaching himself the techniques of video editing and 2D animations.

In his paintings, he is intended to capture the intimacy of solitude and silence. The scenes create a dreamlike atmosphere, allowing the viewer to escape into a trance of peace, delving into nature where one feels most comfortable. The blank spaces are an interpretation of a transition of the state of mind when an individual pauses to ponder nostalgically on memories when we used to care so much more about what’s happening around us and simplicity.  


Alfie’s current style is a mix of figurative and surrealism by giving the artworks unique style and visually pleasing and yet contemporary. He describes his artistic work as a balance and marriage of graphical and fine art. This effect is demonstrated by using multiple mediums such as watercolour, ink, coloured pencil, acrylic, and wax pastels.

By profession, Alfie is a full-time Graphic Designer/Artist at a private company.


Exhibitions & Competitions

April 2012

Competition - 'NovoNoveArt'

Malta Society of Arts Valletta, Malta.

Won a competition to be among 9 upcoming artists for a collective exhibition.

March 2015

Solo Exhibition  - 'Alluring Vignettes'

Malta Society of Arts Valletta, Malta

Displayed 15 pieces.

October 2015

Won Behance Portfolio Review 2015

Pure Concepts Malta


August 2016

Collective Exhibition - 'FestART'

Cavalieri Art Hotel St. Julian’s, Malta


July 2017

Won Behance Portfolio Review 2017

Institute of Art & Design Malta

October 2017

Won Behance Portfolio Review 2017

Illustration category

Yggdrasil Gaming, Malta

November 2018

Solo Exhibition - 'Love Letter Collection'

Iniala Gallery, Valletta, Malta


2019 Exhibited 

Artprize Shortlisted and art displayed

London Contemporary Art, London


Won ArtPrize - 'Secret Art Prize'

Curious Duke Gallery, London

Placed 1st place, and won a gallery representational in London

October 2019

Exhibited 5 pieces

Moniker Art Fair, London